AbilityMap Pty Ltd was established in 2014 in Sydney, Australia.

Our Story

Through research over a 10-year period, founder Kevin Chandler, identified a massive problem with the traditional recruitment process. His research asked hiring managers the question:
“If at time of hire you knew what you know now, would you rehire?”
hiring managers responded ‘No’ 32% of the time.
Could it really be that almost a third of the workforce wouldn’t be rehired with the power of hindsight? More importantly, what impact would lowering that percentage have on both business profitablity and employee satisfaction?

The Problem

The root cause of 32% of a workforce not performing has been found to be the combination of subjective and biased Job Analysis and Candidate Evaluation within the hiring process. Those of us who have the responsibility to hire don’t really know what success looks like.
Ability Map was founded to fix this problem
To take out the subjectivity and bias from the recruitment process requires a completely objective, scientific method of profiling jobs and evaluating candidates. The solution? Software to accurately ‘map’ high performers and find others like them from the candidate pool.

Our Mission

The founding mission of AbilityMap was to ‘Design and deliver scalable tools that enable hiring managers to accurately and consistently identify what drives high performance in any job, and tell them when they’ve found it‘.

Leadership Team

Kevin Chandler

Kevin Chandler

Founder + Chief Science Officer

Kevin Chandler, based in Sydney, is the scientist – a psychologist widely recognised and respected in Australian business for directly impacting the region’s top brands. He founded and grew Chandler Macleod Group into an AU$1B company by recruiting and placing the best people in the right jobs. His commitment to his customers’ success was the catalyst behind his growth and ultimate success.

Mike Erlin

Mike Erlin

Founder + CEO

Mike Erlin, based in Sydney and a native San Franciscan, is an experienced technology executive coming up through the sales ranks. He’s built and led high performing teams for some of the most innovative human capital technology companies in the US, AUS, NZ and SE Asia. Most recently, he served as Managing Director ANZ, reorganising and leading a team that grew to become the fifth largest revenue producer globally within Cornerstone On Demand (CSOD), a US$2.2B market cap company.
Russ Silvestri

Russ Silvestri

Managing Director US Operations

Russ Silvestri, a San Francisco native, met Mike whilst competing in the 1987 America’s Cup. His 25-year career spans the “Buy” and “Sell” Sides of Wall Street. He has run an investment fund and worked in investment banking with Robertson Stephens, where he was a Managing Director. He is a two time Olympian in Sailing.

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