Ben and Elvis met when they were both cooking together at Four In Hand, but had worked various Fine Dining Restaurants prior to this meeting, the boys become instant friends sharing many common interests outside of food.

Together with Elvis’ brother in law Joe Valore, the trio opened Bodega in August 2006, with the idea of creating a dining destination that they wanted to experience. Described as pioneers of the modern tapas movement in Sydney, Ben and Elvis were awarded the Gourmet Traveller Best New Talent Award.

Four years later in September 2010, the three opened their Argentine restaurant Porteño and Gardel’s Bar and were awarded Two Chef’s Hats and Best New Restaurant by Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Awards, Gourmet Traveller and Time Out.

Ben and Elvis were awarded the 2013 Sydney Morning Herald “Chef of the Year”

Since Porteño opened Ben, Elvis and Joe have taken advantage of a variety of opportunities to be part of some great festivals and events in Sydney, and around Australia. They have been especially pleased to have combined their love of music and food on many events including being the ambassadors of Big Day Out – Chow Town, curating Wild Porteño for the Vivid festival and being part of the food offering at music festivals such as Laneway, Small World, Out On The Weekend and Triple J’s Beat The Drum.

Grilled Flat Snag with Onions, Mustard & Jack Cheese
Roast Pork Belly with BBQ’d Savoy Slaw & 1000 Island Sauce




Marys ‘s opened in a former STD clinic on a small back street in Newtown in 2013, quickly gaining a reputation as one of Sydney’s hottest joints. With the red light hanging out front, the lines formed, and have barely moved since.

Short menu, loud music and plenty of booze is the recipe from which the Marys juggernaut continues to grow.

Mary’s has long been associated with good music, and this year Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham bring their brand of rock n roll food to Small World Festival.

Punters can expect all the swagger and noise from the Newtown haunt, along with the burgers and fried chicken that kicked it all off.

Marys Burger, Cheeseburger, Veg Burger
Doubles add
Bacon add
Fried Chicken Wings



Bloodwood was created in 2010 by Claire van Vuuren and Mitchell Grady after working together in the kitchen of Claude’s in Woollahra.  Both being locals to the Newtown area, it was a challenge to find somewhere to eat that wasn’t the usual Thai or cheap eats option along King St. As most stories go, it was after a few post work beers that got them thinking about opening up a venue of their own. They decided to create a restaurant with a modern menu that reflected their talents, but kept the grit and open mindedness of Newtown in the foreground.

Our menu is a shared style offering, which affords a wide scope for creativity inspired by cuisines from around the globe. Holding seasonality as a focus, the menu is in a constant state of change, and ensures that there is always something new to try for the locals. We also look to keep the menu flexible, in an effort to allow us to cater for a wide range of diets and allergies.

Prawn, pastrami and slaw roll
Polenta chips, gorgonzola sauce
Saffron dumplings, kefir cream



Cornersmith is a small family-run café and picklery in Marrickville. They believe in sustainable and ethical food production and business practices. They have a seasonal menu and use locally-sourced produce from small-scale growers and makers, ethically produced meats, and a whole lot of their house-made pickles!

Smoked fish, spring slaw, sauerkraut & pickles in a pocket
Cornersmith Waffles w/ salted whey caramel
Pickle on a stick
Filter Coffee
Fermented Fruit soda’s



Every weekend The Oxford Tavern cranks out it’s Black Betty BBQ and lets her bloody rip. American smoked meats start cooking low and slow the day before and are ready to be served via the BBQ corner in the beer garden by midday. That’s 18 hours cooking time folks.

Black Betty is The Oxford’s house made double chamber, 4×44 gallon drum smoker and uses a local blend of redwood, ironbark and apple tree wood. Pulled pork, snags, brisket, famous dino ribs, smoked chook, burnt end beans and more are sold in 100gram lots with slaw & a roll. 

Pulled Pork Roll with slaw & beans
Brisket Roll with slaw & pickles
Buffalo Tater Tots with ranch sauce